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Villager Condominiums

Rules and Regulations


1.             Trailers, motor homes, mini-motor homes, boats or similar vehicles are not allowed on the premises at any time.  All motor vehicles on the premises shall have current registration, tags and shall be fully operational.


2.             Car maintenance of any type, oil changing, washing or polishing of cars is not permitted on the premises.


3.             Cars are to be parked only in the designated areas and not parallel to the buildings or in front of the gates at the front entrances. These are designated Fire Lanes.

4.             Motorcycles will be allowed so long as they are not excessively loud.


5.             Speed limit shall be 10 miles per hour.


6.             Trash cans, kitchen supplies, ice, or other unsightly items shall not be placed on the porches, staircase landings, or sidewalks, nor shall anything be hung or thrown from the windows, or placed upon any windowsill or ledge, nor shall any tablecloth, clothing, towels, curtains, or rugs be shaken or hung from any of the windows, doors or balconies. 


7.             Bicycles, baby carriages, or other personal property shall not be stored in any public walkways, balconies, landings or sidewalks.  Chairs and tables in a common area must be taken inside the building when they are not in use.


8.             Bicycles are to be registered at the office and parked only in one of the four bike racks, which have been provided for that purpose or kept inside your unit. (Not on walkways or balconies.) Skateboards are not allowed on the property.


9.             Signs, signals, advertisements, or illumination shall not be inscribed or exposed on or at any building, or part of any building, nor shall anything be projected out of any window. Window coverings must have a white backing; this maintains a uniform appearance throughout the property.


10.          All trash, garbage, and waste of any kind must be placed in plastic bags and tied up for disposal and placed in the dumpster.


11.          Loud and boisterous noise and any objectionable behavior by any resident or guest are not permitted.


12.          Dogs, cats, or other household pets, are not permitted on the common ground, or in any of the units.


13.          Storm doors are to be of one type only - solid clear glass. Check with the resident manager for door specifications.


14.          Personal grills of any nature are not allowed on the property. Grills will be removed immediately.


15.          Trees or shrubbery may not be planted.  Before planting any flowers check with the manager.


16.          Soliciting within the complex is prohibited.


17.          In accordance with the By-laws, washing machines are not permitted in any unit, “other than those in the April 2, 2009 letter.”


18.          In accordance with the Master Deed, each homeowner must provide the property manager a key to their unit. (This key will be used only in the event of an emergency situation such as flooding).


19.         Short term rentals such as Airbnb’s, VRBO’s etc. are Not Permitted. The minimum rental agreement between an owner and tenant must be at least 30 days. No subleasing is allowed. Any violation of this agreement may result in a fine and/or eviction.


20.         All applications and leases must be turned in to the office by the owners for board approval.


21.         Every owner shall make his/her unit(s) available for inspection by the Association Manager or agent, and as referenced in Article 14 of the Villager Master Deed, after reasonable notice, for the purpose of checking to see that such unit(s) have a functioning fire alarm and to check for any water leaks. Every owner shall be responsible for timely curing such a condition if it is found, such a condition being a fire, safety or water damage hazard.”


Reviewed and Revised by Board of Directors 10/20

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